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Cluj Napoca

Flutter developer

From time to time we’re confronted with challenges that guide us through our life. We find purpose in our passion and a job is truly not work when you can get up early and can’t wait to get going,

Become an Atypical One

This is your chance to be part of a young, dynamic and professional team. We are passionate and in love with what we do. We’re here for the people and for the outcome of our collaboration. We embrace diversity and the personal input of each individual.

Skills and Requirements

We’re not looking for ideals, we’re looking for ‘work in progress’ people. A kind that is atypical and in constant search, relentless and with a drive for knowledge and improvement.

  • Graduate of Bachelor or Masters degree in Computer Science or similar
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as an app developer
  • Solid experience with commonly used 3rd party libraries
  • Experience with Server-Client architecture
  • Ability to understand and use git: manage and collaborate in different environments
  • Familiar with material design guidelines
  • Basic understanding of OOP languages like Python, Ruby, Java, C++
  • Good knowledge of Dart programming language, Rest APIs
  • Good knowledge of web technologies (Flutter, HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Good understanding of responsive design
  • Strong drive for producing high quality software
  • Communication and planning skills
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken
  • Creative thinker who can proactively problem solve
  • Organized and attention to detail

Duties and Responsibilities

Maturity and ability to complete a task is part of our growth and development. We’re not strict but we’re engaged in a pursuit of excellence. We do chores daily, some of which we like, some we must complete.

  • Master concepts of design for developing user friendly applications
  • Design, build and test sophisticated and scalable applications using Flutter technology
  • Build custom packages in Flutter using the functionalities and APIs already available
  • Implement designs and wireframes into high quality responsive UI code
  • Find feasible architecture solutions for implementing new features
  • Document the project and code efficiently
  • Manage the code and project on git in order to keep the team and managers in sync.
  • Ensure security guidelines are followed as you develop and test applications
  • Creating tools that improve site interaction regardless of the browser
  • Fixing bugs and testing for usability
  • Be receptive to feedback from the team lead and colleagues
  • Assist the Marketing team in producing digital experiences
  • Handle multiple tasks simultaneously

Opportunities and Benefits

A small team thrives in tandem with every member. We put soul and great thought in keeping the team engaged and satisfied. Being part of our team you’ll have the following opportunities and benefits.

  • +1 free day for every year of experience
  • Performance bonus and rewards
  • Meal Tickets
  • Company equity on inhouse projects 1
  • Development
  • Team Buildings
  • 1 to 1 Trainings
  • Specialized conferences
  • Career and Personal Trainings
  • Well-being
  • Easy Friday 2
  • Friday Lunch
  • Company parties
  • Annual European City Break
  • Volunteer to a local cause
  • Workplace
  • Top rated office location
  • Flexible and Hybrid work
  • Coffee/Tea/Snacks at the office
  • Apple products and solidstate desks/chairs
  • Work from our office in Paris

1 As part of Creative Friday, creating context for personal initiatives within the company.

2 Our initiative towards a 4-day work week, where Fridays are always light and more on social and team connections.